Amazon Reportedly Buying Electronic Arts, Announcement Today

fifa 23 by ea

Amazon is reportedly in the process of buying Electronic Arts, with the official announcement due later today. Details on the deal are light at the moment as it is rare for leaks of this kind to happen when publicly traded companies are involved. Typically large acquisitions like this spring out of nowhere, which would explain why the information has potentially only been revealed hours before the official announcement.

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision earlier this year came with zero warning, as did Sony’s acquisition of Bungie a few weeks later. As such, it would be wise to take this rumor with a pinch of salt. Though we only have to wait until later today to see if it pans out.

Electronic Arts is one of the last big candidates for acquisition in the gaming industry. With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision and Zenimax and large purchases by companies such as Tencent and Embracer, the list of publishers/developers that remain open to acquisition is dwindling.

If Amazon does follow through and purchase Electronic Arts, it would immediately solidify the online retailer as a major player in the industry. EA is home to some of the most successful franchises in gaming, something that Amazon has not been able to create with its own Amazon Games project.

What this acquisition would mean for the future of EA franchises like FIFA, Battlefield, and Star Wars Jedi isn’t clear.

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