Could Trophies Come to PlayStation Games on PC?

Today is the day that Spider-Man Remastered, arguably Sony’s biggest exclusive of the last console generation, makes its way to PC for a whole new set of players to enjoy. The PC port of Spider-Man is the latest in a new trend of Sony porting some of its biggest games to PC after a long window of exclusivity on its consoles. However, one section of the PlayStation on PC FAQs has had the internet curious over the last couple of days, and it leads us to believe that Trophies could eventually make their way to PlayStation games on PC.

The section in question is Sony’s FAQs, specifically the one about whether or not a PSN account is needed to play PlayStation games on PC. Something that Sony does not require. Although the wording of the question and answer is suspect. Check out the FAQ and answer below.

Q: “Do I need a PSN account to play PlayStation games on PC?”

A: “No, you currently do not need a PSN account to enjoy PlayStation Studios games on PC.”

The keyword there is “currently,” why would Sony specify that PSN accounts aren’t “currently” required if it doesn’t plan to introduce them in the future? That is unless the company does hope to introduce its PSN features to its PlayStation on PC games at some point in the future. And Trophies for many PlayStation players are one of the key features missing from PlayStation games on PC.

Microsoft already allows players to earn Xbox achievements in its games on PC. For Sony to catch up to its main competitor, it would be wise to bring trophies to PlayStation games on PC too. At the moment, gamers playing PlayStation games on PC and on console are two entirely separate entities.

Unlike Xbox, where players can start a game on their console and continue on their PC, PlayStation fans have to pick a platform and stick with it, lest they want to lose their progress. Sony bringing trophies to its games on PC, along with cross-save and PSN integration, is the next logical step for PlayStation on PC.

If there were Platinum Trophies on offer for Spider-Man and other PlayStation games on PC, perhaps more people would be willing to double dip after already completing them on the last generation of consoles.

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