Final Fantasy Origin Devs Would Like to Reimagine Other Early Games

In a recent interview, the developers of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin have said they’ve considered which other classic villains they would like to give the Origin treatment. The developers took part in a wide-ranging interview with Destructoid, but the possibility of other Origin titles is the standout. Here’s what the developers had to say on whether they have any plans to make other Final Fantasy Origin games.

“At the current stage, we are putting all our efforts into developing additional content for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, so we have not yet reached a stage where we can contemplate the possibility of a sequel. However, during breaks, we chat about wanting to delve deeper into the villains from other Final Fantasy titles (especially from earlier ones).” – Jin Fujiwara

It’s understandable that the developers behind Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin wouldn’t have concrete plans for another game. After all, there’s a whole slate of DLC for Stranger of Paradise that is still in the works. The season pass for the game includes three new missions and a bunch of other content, of which only one mission has been released so far. So there’s quite a ways to go on the post-launch content front.

However, it’s natural to look ahead, and even though no formal discussions have taken place, it’s interesting to hear that the devs are passionate about bringing other early Final Fantasy villains to life in new Origin games. Though, whether that happens may be out of their hands, considering the sales performance of Stranger of Paradise.

There are plenty of options for the Final Fantasy Origin devs to sink their teeth into, and there’s a wealth of untapped potential within the early Final Fantasy games. For a franchise as old as Final Fantasy is, it’s easy to forget how many great characters have featured in the games, particularly during the pre-PlayStation 1 days.

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