Geoff Keighley Says Activision Will Not Take Part in The Game Awards 2021

By Dani Cook

Activision Blizzard has been under a storm of controversy over the last few months and now that may be affecting their presence at The Game Awards. The company has been through a massive sexual harassment scandal with many of the higher-ups in the company accused of impropriety.

The scandal heated up last month when it transpired that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was not only aware of the accusations leveled at employees of the company, but even aided in covering them up.

Activision Blizzard’s stock price has subsequently tanked over the last few weeks. The stock price had been on a steady decline since the original allegations surfaced. Since the news of Bobby Kotick’s involvement in the scandal, the stock practically fell off a cliff. In all, the company is valued 40% less today than it was 6 months ago.

The backlash hasn’t just been reflected in the stock price. Gamers have been boycotting the company, Sony and Microsoft themselves even weighed in and ordered Activision to get their house in order.

Now, Geoff Keighley has revealed that Activision Blizzard won’t be featured at The Game Awards this year. This announcement comes after earlier criticism that Geoff Keighley received. He was criticized for not publicly condemning the company over the recent harassment scandals. People pointed out that Keighley did publicly criticize Konami for not allowing Hideo Kojima to pick up an award at the event a few years ago. However, some people believe that he has been mysteriously silent on the Activision Blizzard situation.

That prompted Geoff Keighley to put out a statement today stating that Activision Blizzard will not be part of The Game Awards show this year, outside of any of their games that have been nominated. It’s not clear why the company won’t be taking part though. It could be that the company is voluntarily laying low right now or that they weren’t welcome at the ceremony.

One thing is for certain, the Activision Blizzard name seems to be growing more and more toxic by the day.

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