Indie Game ‘Escape Simulator’ Release Date Announced for October 19

By Matthew Cook

Pine Studio (Cats in Time, Birdcage) has officially announced a release date for the upcoming indie game Escape Simulator. The game will release on October 19. The release date announcement for Escape Simulator was accompanied by an announcement trailer that shows off the game’s take on the escape room genre.

Escape Simulator is a first-person puzzle game that tasks the player with getting out of a variety of elaborate escape rooms. The trailer shows off three locations included in the game: “Edgewood Mansion”, a manor house-type escape room, “Labyrinth of Egypt”, an Egyptian pyramid-inspired location, and “Adrift in Space”, which puts players on a space station. Along with the escape puzzles included in the base game, Escape Simulator will also feature online co-op and the ability for gamers to create their own levels via the level editor and upload them for other players to enjoy.

Escape Simulator launches on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux on October 19. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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