Nintendo Switch Receives Its First Price Drop

By Dani Cook

Recent rumors of the Nintendo Switch receiving its first price drop have proven true, although perhaps not by as much as some people had hoped. Rumors earlier this week suggested that the standard Nintendo Switch model could be receiving a price cut of as much as £70/$70/€70. Although rumors of the price cut were confirmed, the new price has been a little underwhelming. This is especially true when compared to the amounts that were thrown around earlier in the week.

Today, Nintendo updated their UK website with new prices for the standard Switch model. The new price is £259.99, which represents a price cut of £20. Not quite the rumored amount, but this puts the standard Switch model slap bang in the middle of the Switch line-up, just in time for the release of the upcoming OLED model. The Switch lite has not received a price cut and will remain at its original £199.99 price point. As such, Nintendo now sells Switch models at £199.99, £259.99, and £309.99 in the UK.

Nintendo has followed suit with the price cut in Europe, with Euro countries now selling the standard Switch model for €299.99. A €30 price cut from the previous price of €329.99. This also changes the look of the Switch line-up in Europe: lite, standard, and OLED models are now going for €219.99, €299.99, and €349.99, respectively. There’s no sign yet of a similar price cut in the US, so this could be a European-only price cut. However, it’s likely that the US will follow suit in due time.

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