PS5 Pulse 3D Headset Now Comes in Midnight Black

By Matthew Cook

Sony has announced a new color for the PS5’s Pulse 3D headset: Midnight black. The new color is a continuation of the galaxy-themed controller colors that the company released back in June. Now, gamers who picked up the midnight black Dualsense controller have the option to get the matching headset. The new Pulse 3D headset will release next month. There’s no word yet on a cosmic red headset to match the striking cosmic red controller. However, if this new headset color is a glimpse into Sony’s direction, maybe we can expect to see one soon.

The Pulse 3D headset is Sony’s official option for gamers who want to experience the new 3D audio technology on PS5. It’s available for $99.99/€99.99/£89.99. The new midnight black edition will be the same price as the current white model when it hits stores in October.

Check out the launch trailer for the new color below.

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