Saints Row – How to Get the Highest Insurance Fraud Score

Saints Row character celebrating a high insurance fraud score.

Saints Row has been a polarising game since it launched on August 23. The game received mixed reviews, but those who like it seem to really enjoy the game. Building a criminal empire in Saints Row is one of the key components of the game, and that can’t be achieved without getting a high insurance fraud score for the Shady Oaks venture.

To complete the Shady Oaks venture, players will need to get the required insurance fraud score a total of six times. The scores required go up to $4,000,000, so it’s pretty difficult to achieve without the right tactics. Check out the video below to see how we were able to ace every Saints Row insurance fraud event easily.

Getting a high insurance fraud score in Saints Row boils down to the accumulator. Once a player’s adrenaline level is high enough, every vehicle they touch will explode on impact and add an extra multiplier.

The first thing to do when starting a Saints Row insurance fraud event is to look for an area with a lot of parked cars. Some areas of Santo Ileso will have plenty of cars parked on the street, for other areas, it’s best to find a car park outside a motel, restaurant, or other business.

After finding a spot with a suitable number of cars (ideally 10 or more), it’s time to build that adrenaline level. The key here is to activate the adrenaline level in close proximity to the parked cars. After it activates for the first time, aim the character towards the parked cars and try to land them on the roof of each car. This will explode the car and give the character enough height to be able to maneuver them to the next car, thus building the multiplier.

Ideally, an accumulator of 10x or more is required to complete an insurance fraud event with one bar of adrenaline. If the score doesn’t get high enough after one bar, just find another area with lots of parked cars and repeat.

That’s everything needed to get the highest possible score in every Saints Row insurance fraud event.

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