Saints Row Preload and Launch Times Revealed Worldwide

Saints Row characters stood together.

Saints Row developer Deep Silver has revealed the launch times and preload options for the upcoming reboot ahead of its release next week. The new game is the first mainline entry in the Saints Row series since 2013’s Saints Row IV, and the reboot is hotly anticipated. Check out the preload and launch times for Saints Row on each platform below.

Saints Row Preload and Launch Times

Saints Row will be released on all platforms at midnight on August 23. That’s midnight in each country which means the game will have a rolling launch of countries like New Zealand and Japan getting it first, then Europe, and lastly, the US. However, preload times differ by platform. Check out the Saints Row preload times below.

PlayStation preload time: 48 hours before launch (August 21).

Xbox preload time: Now! Xbox players can preload the game right now to be ready for launch on August 23.

PC (Epic Games Store only): No preload available. Deep Silver blamed “technical stuff” as the reason behind the lack of preload on the Epic Games Store on PC.

With a rolling launch, Xbox players can change their console’s region to play the game early. It’s something of a loophole in the Xbox system that players have used for years to access games a precious few hours early. Although it seems like it would be breaking some sort of rules, even Xbox Twitter accounts have enjoyed poking fun at players changing their regions.

Unfortunately for those on PlayStation, there’s no such trick. PlayStation players will need to wait until the Saints Row midnight launch time in the region of the account they purchased the game on in order to launch their preload.

Saints Row will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 23.

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