Sonic Colors ‘Seizure Glitch’ is Patched on Nintendo Switch

Sonic Colors Ultimate, the remake of Sonic Colors, went viral last week when gamers found a so-called ‘seizure glitch’ on the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The glitch, which only happened on the Switch version, caused the whole screen to begin flashing with a strobe-like effect. The glitch earned the nickname ‘seizure glitch’, unsurprisingly, because the glitch was so severe that it had the potential to cause seizures in people who are vulnerable to the strobing effect.

Today, Sega has released an update for the game, which appears to have fixed the issue. YouTuber TWIP demonstrated the fix in a video uploaded today. In the video, TWIP goes through the steps required to activate the glitch and proves it is no longer a problem. Sega has no doubt rushed to prepare a patch for the game as the company was threatened with lawsuits due to the seriousness of the glitch and the potential for it to cause harm to gamers.

To see how developers fixed the glitch and other updates in Sonic Colors Ultimate version 1.04, you can watch TWIP’s video below.

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