Splatoon 3 – Check Out All the Commercials Released So Far

Splatoon 3 characters

Splatoon 3 just had its big showcase, which dove deep into the various aspects of the upcoming game. Now, Nintendo has entered full marketing mode by releasing a whole range of super cute commercials for Splatoon 3.

So far, only Japan has received the new commercials, but there are already a total of six to help pass the time in the run-up to launch. Check out all of the commercials for Splatoon 3 below. Note that all titles are translations of the original Japanese.

“Splatoon 3 TVCM Game Screen”

“Splatoon 3 TVCM Nawabari Battle with Everyone”

“Splatoon 3 TVCM Casa Hen”

“Splatoon 3 TVCM Bucket”

“Splatoon 3 TVCM Hude”

“Splatoon 3 TVCM Bow”

While being incredibly fun and cute, the new commercials show off some of the new features in Splatoon 3 while also acknowledging some fan favorites.

Splatoon 3 is one of the two most important titles for Nintendo this year, so it makes sense that the company is going all out with marketing for the game. Hopefully, we can see more ads with as much creativity as these Japanese ones for the European and US markets. Either way, Splatoon 3 will likely sell like hotcakes, just as its predecessor did.

For those who missed out on the Splatoon 3 Direct and the massive amount of stuff shown in it, check that out right here.

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