Stray – Can’t Catch Me Trophy Guide

Stray is one of the smash hits of 2022 and arguably one of the best PS5 exclusive titles released on the console to date. As the game has swept the internet, there’s one trophy that is catching players out, Can’t Catch Me. This guide will give you everything you need to unlock the Can’t Catch Me Trophy in Stray.

How to unlock the Can’t Catch Me Trophy in Stray

The Can’t Catch Me trophy involves completing the first Zurk pursuit without getting caught. The tricky part is that it doesn’t mean being caught and killed by the Zurks. That means being touched at all during the entire chase. Surviving is one thing in the first chase; getting the Can’t Catch Me trophy in Stray is another thing entirely.

To start, let’s take a look at our video of the chase to give players an idea of what it takes to unlock the trophy. Check out the video below.

As the video states, the key to unlocking the trophy is by swerving nearly the entire way through the level. However, it’s no good to just swerve at random. The video shows that the swerves are timed and executed based on where the Zurks appear from. That’s the priority here, dodging the Zurks at the right time.

After a couple of runs at the level, players should be able to have a good idea of where the Zurks come from. Once the pattern is memorized, it’s simply a case of pre-empting the Zurk spawns rather than trying to swerve randomly.

With that technique, we were able to get the trophy in the video above on just the fourth try. Not the hours many people are spending struggling with this pesky unlock. After unlocking the Can’t Catch Me trophy, most players will be on the home stretch of achieving the platinum in Stray.

Good luck!

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