Superhero Drama ‘The Boys’ Wraps Season 3

By Dani Cook

The Amazon superhero drama that asks the question, “What if the heroes were the baddies and the baddies were heroes?” The Boys has officially wrapped production on season 3. Series leads Karl Urban and Jack Quaid took to Instagram to celebrate.

Production on season 3 of The Boys was one of the many recent shows to be plagued by the production delays and safety protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic. Karl Urban, who plays the special forces turned vigilante Billy Butcher, expressed his gratitude to everyone involved:

And that’s a wrap on @theboystv season 3. Massive thanks to our brilliant cast and crew for all the blood sweet n tears and also to everyone involved in the production @amazonprimevideo and @sptv for working so hard to keep us all Covid safe 🙏🏽 And of course massive thanks to @therealKripke For delivering a next level bat shit crazy good season 3 I can’t wait for y’all to see it Be safe y’all ❤️

Urban’s costar Jack Quaid, who audiences have to come to know as the idealistic Hughie Campbell, also chimed in:

👍🏻We fuckin’ did it, y’all! Congrats to everyone who worked on Season 3 of @theboystv. You all deserve a hug, and a drink… and a lot of therapy after what we just did. This thumb is for you! This season’s our best yet! Can’t wait for you guys to see it.💥#theboys #thatsawrap

Quaid’s quip on the cast needing “a lot of therapy after what we just did” is sure to only increase anticipation for the upcoming season, known for its very un-Marvel-like gore. Unfortunately, there is no release date for season 3 just yet.

The newest installment of the series will shed light on the history of Vought, specifically the company’s first superhero: Soldier Boy, portrayed by Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Smallville). Reminiscent of Marvel’s First Avenger, the series will delve into Soldier Boy’s escapades in WWII. In the comic of the same name, from which the series is adapted, Soldier Boy is yet another misled Vought hero. Along with his so-called group of superheroes, The Avenging Squad, the hero massacres both his team and the American soldiers he was meant to assist.

If season 3 hopes to outdo The Boys‘ previous installments, audiences might just all need “a lot of therapy” when it releases.

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