The Division Heartland Free-To-Play Spin Off Finally Revealed

The Division Heartland

The Division Heartland has been officially revealed by Ubisoft during its Ubisoft Forward live stream. The third game in The Division series is the first to take the franchise into the free-to-play realm. The free-to-play game title was first announced back in 2021, but Ubisoft didn’t reveal anything else about the game at the time. Check out the developer intro trailer for The Division Heartland below.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the announcement of The Division Heartland was spoiled by its own PC store listing for the game. The PC listing for The Division Heartland mistakenly went made live earlier this week, which provided plenty of details on the new game. Here’s what Ubisoft has to say about the new game.

“The Heartland Division is a free-to-play multiplayer action and survival shooter, set in a fictional small town in deep America. Join a team of six overtrained Division officers from across the country and answer a distress call. Your mission: to unravel the ever-changing mysteries of a rural community in the midst of a crisis.”

Unlike the first two The Division games, which take place in New York and Washington DC, Heartland is taking the franchise to small-town America. Hence the “Heartland” moniker. The game will feature 45-player PvEvP battles, which lines up with rumors that a 45-player multiplayer mode would be coming to the franchise.

The Division Heartland will be coming to PC, as proven by the leak from this week, along with current-gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles and last-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. There’s no word at this time on whether The Division Heartlands will feature crossplay support between generations or consoles within the same family.

Players can register to participate in the beta for Heartland right now by going to the official website. The closed beta is open to players on all of the announced platforms.

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