Why Now is the Best Time to Get Into Red Dead Online

By Matthew Cook

Red Dead Redemption 2 was an immediate critical darling when it was first released on consoles in 2018, and again when it was released on PC a year later. The fantastic open-world, excellent story and stellar gameplay instantly made it one of the best games of the previous generation.

However, where the single-player component of the game excelled over and over, the online portion has continuously lagged behind. Rockstar has struggled with translating the beloved parts of the single-player game into Red Dead Online with the same success that they have had with GTA Online.

Indeed, one of the main criticisms from Red Dead Online players has been that GTA Online receives bigger and better updates than Red Dead Online and that there isn’t enough content for high-level players in Red Dead Online like there is in GTA Online. Another issue for newcomers was that the barrier of entry into the game was quite high. Before the most recent update, it could take new players hours upon hours of playing repetitive content before they could earn enough gold (the in-game currency) to purchase a role. There are five roles in the game which make up the bulk of the online content.

With the Blood Money update from this summer, that barrier of entry has been reduced significantly. The new update includes new content for all players and, crucially, provides a way for new players to earn gold and cash in a way that’s fun and much less repetitive than before. The new Capitale (another in-game currency) missions give players a way to earn significant amounts of gold and cash while following an engaging set of missions. This makes it easier to enjoy the game from the outset instead of having to slog through the first few hours, unless you want to stump up the cash to buy gold from Rockstar, of course. Once players have saved up enough gold to purchase their first role, there’s a nice variety to choose from. Do you want to be a Bounty Hunter and catch or kill criminals across the vast world? Maybe hunting animals is more your cup of tea, in which case opt for the Trader role. Whatever your fancy, the amount of content for new players in Red Dead Online is sure to keep you busy for hundreds of hours.

Photo: Rockstar Games

The new Call to Arms mode (Red Dead Online’s version of horde mode) is also an excellent addition to the game from this summer. The new mode teams players up to defend a number of the iconic towns and areas from the Red Dead map. Not only are the gold and cash payouts significant, but it has also provided something that many Red Dead Online players have wanted since the game launched. The feeling that they’re in a classic western. Call to Arms has the feel of a last stand, a last-ditch attempt to protect the town from the rival gang. In short, it feels like the ending to an old western movie. The reception to the new Call to Arms mode has been overwhelmingly positive from new and old players. With all of the new content in Red Dead Online, plus the content that has been building up since it was first released in 2019, now is the perfect time to jump into this highly immersive game. Rockstar has been releasing Quick Draw passes on a monthly basis since the start of the summer and there’s still time to play the final two, plus the upcoming Halloween Quick Draw pass. The passes provide cool clothing, items and upgrades for the player’s character. They cost 25 gold upfront but give that gold back as they are completed. So for regular players, it’s a great way to get some exclusive new content for free.

Hopefully, Rockstar continues this recent trend of consistent, interesting updates. And for new
players, there’s a wealth of content now available in Red Dead Online. So now is a great time to
hop back into the world of Red Dead.

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