Xbox Confirms it Won’t Increase Price After PlayStation Hike

Xbox Series X console

Microsoft has confirmed that it won’t increase the price of its Xbox Series X and S consoles after Sony announced it would be increasing the price of its PlayStation 5 models. Microsoft made the statement to VGC with regards to the pricing in the UK, where the PlayStation 5 price was today increased by £30 ($35) for each SKU.

In its statement, Microsoft said, “We are constantly evaluating our business to offer our fans great gaming options…Our Xbox Series S suggested retail price remains from £249.99 and the Xbox Series X is from £449.99.”

Microsoft also confirmed it won’t be increasing the price in Euros or Dollars. This is the first indication that Microsoft will be sticking with its current prices in any country after Sony’s announcement.

The price hike shocked gamers when it was announced earlier today, particularly as the United States was exempt from Sony’s move. Since the announcement, a debate has raged across the internet over what Microsoft would do in response. Some people believed that Sony’s price hike would give Microsoft the cover to make a similar move, while others speculated that Microsoft could use the now cheaper Series X console to further grow its presence in the gaming market.

Nintendo has similarly declined to raise the price of its Nintendo Switch family of consoles, despite the weakening Japanese Yen and higher production costs.

Traditionally, with the exception of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have sold their consoles at a loss for the first few years with the goal of turning a profit through software sales, subscriptions, and cheaper console revisions. Although the current global economic situation is unprecedented, it’s surprising that Sony hasn’t continued to maintain the same course as with previous generations.

If Microsoft is able to resist an Xbox price increase and maintains its current availability, its consoles will surely benefit compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

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